Häfele Connect: Smart furniture meets smart home

  • torsdag / 30 augusti / 2018
  • 11:00-11:30
  • Plats Wood Fusion, C-hallen


  1. Where do we come from?
  • Häfele has been working successfully with LED light in furniture for many years now
  • Easiness: Modular plug and play lighting system (Loox) with a globally certified driver
  • Extensive system kit of lights and functional elements to quickly and easily implement
  • In addition: invisibly installed sound system with sound transducers and QI charger which can be connected to the Loox system
  1. Where are we today?
  • Our goal was to provide a way to control all the functions together, including electric drives in the furniture
  • We wanted to make furniture “smart”
  • We developed the BLE-Box, which is connected to the Loox driver
  • The BLE-Box can communicate wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • This allows to control electric furniture components, including electrical furniture drives
    o LED can be controlled by the Häfele Connect App
    o Brightness, light colour, saturation can be adjusted etc.
    o eDrives (sliding door fittings) can be opened or closed
    o Sound can be turned on and off
  • The different devices can be combined and saved in as many complete scenarios as desired (e.g. “movie-evening”: Light shuts down, TV-lift comes up etc.)
  1. What steps will we take in the near future?
  • The next logical step is to link the smart furniture with the smart home or other entire building technology equipment
  • We develop a Häfele Connect Hub – a digital communications all-rounder
  • The Hub can communicate with virtually all protocols and (wireless) technologies via Bluetooth, WiFi, KNX and others
  • The devices then can be controlled via App, gestures and speech or the wall terminals of the smart home systems
Florian Ohmenhäuser Project leader Smart Häfele & Digital Furniture Planning Häfele GmbH & Co KG
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